Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite leak suggests a similar design to the Mi 11, with one big difference

Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite
The Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite (Image credit: TechRadar)

While the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite didn’t land alongside the standard Xiaomi Mi 11 at the latter phone's launch event, the handset keeps leaking, suggesting it’s still on the way, and the most recent leak takes the form of a high-quality render showing the design in full.

Shared by Digital Chat Station (a leaker with a solid track record), this looks as though it might be an official press render. It shows a phone with a very similar design to the standard Xiaomi Mi 11, complete with a triple-lens camera on the back, a punch-hole camera on the front, and an overall near-identical look to its sibling.

However, while the Mi 11 has a curved-edge screen, this Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is shown with a flat one, which could leave it looking quite different from the front. The Mi 11 Lite looks as though it might also have a slightly bigger bezel below the display, but only slightly.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite leak

(Image credit: Digital Chat Station)

We’d take this leak with a pinch of salt for now, especially as an earlier leak showed a slightly different camera design. But the rest of the design was similar, and this latest source is more reputable, so for now this is our best guess at what the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite might look like.

This leak brings no news on the specs front, but earlier leaks point to either a Snapdragon 755G or Snapdragon 732G chipset (both of which should be mid-range, but the former hasn’t been announced yet and the latter doesn’t support 5G), coupled with a 64MP main camera, a secondary camera capable of 5x optical zoom, a Full HD+ screen, 128GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM.

That all sounds like quite a downgrade from the standard Xiaomi Mi 11, but fitting for a phone with ‘Lite’ in the name.

Hopefully we’ll know the specs for sure soon, but right now it’s not entirely clear when the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite will launch. One leak suggests March, but that source doesn't have much of a track record.

Whenever it does launch though, it might land alongside the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and maybe even the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, so there’s potentially a lot more Mi 11 on the way.

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