Xbox Series X and S prices and release dates seemingly confirmed by new leak [Updated]

Xbox Series S and Series X
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UPDATE 2: Microsoft has now confirmed the Xbox Series S name, price and design.

UPDATE 1: The official Xbox Twitter account has responded to today's leaked Xbox Series X and S information with what appears to be cheeky acknowledgement. Updated article below.

Following over a year of anticipation, it appears that pricing and release date information has finally been revealed for Microsoft's Xbox Series X, along with the company's most poorly kept secret, the Xbox Series S.

As divulged by sources close to Windows Central, both the Xbox Series X and Series S will reportedly release on November 10, 2020, priced at US$499 (around £380 / AU$686) and US$299 (around £227 / AU$410) respectively.

Based on the alleged pricing above, that puts the Xbox Series X price at the exact same point as the Xbox One when it launched in the US back in 2013.

Additionally, trusted Microsoft leaker Brad Sams has offered our first look at the Xbox Series S's design via leaked renders posted to his Twitter account and

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Xbox Series S's slim design shows a console closer in appearance to the current-gen Xbox One S All-Digital Edition than the upcoming Series X (especially when laid horizontally), and reveals a large circular vent on its white outer shell, along with the complete lack of any disc slot.

Interestingly, the Series S appears to be quite small, with a separate video snippet from Twitter user @_h0x0d_ showing a console that would fit inside the Series X twice with room to spare.

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Of course, the Xbox Series X and Series S pricing and release date information above should be taken with a grain of salt, as it has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft. 

Microsoft responds (kinda)

Following today's pricing and release date leaks, Microsoft's official Xbox Twitter account tweeted the following meme, which reads to us like cheeky acknowledgement that the details are indeed correct:

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That's all we have to go on for the time being, and given the reliability of the sources in question, and Microsoft's response, we'd say there's a pretty good chance the leaks are accurate. We expect Microsoft to make an official announcement in the coming days. 

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