World's fastest countries for broadband are revealed with UK way down the list

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The UK's broadband speed has been ranked as only the 26th fastest in the world. That's according to a new international internet speed study that has put each country in its place for average speeds.

The fastest broadband connection in the world right now - according to Business Comparison - is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Switzerland. The country's average 146.81Mb speed means a one-hour Netflix show (so around 1GB) can be downloaded in just 54 seconds. 

The study puts France in a close second place with 139.65Mb, followed by Sweden in third with 134.83Mb. The US deserves a mention in fourth as it offers a Netflix download time fractionally shy of a minute, only with a slightly slower average of 134.77 Mb.

No top 20 spot for UK

Canada came in at eighth with South Korea in ninth, while all other countries, aside from the US, were European.

Of the 33 countries researched, the UK came in well down the list at at 26th place with average speeds of 65.82Mb and an hour of Netflix taking two minutes and two seconds to download.

That's below the likes of Latvia, Chile and Slovakia - another blow to the country's infrastructure reputation after a week where Virgin Media customers have experienced service outages.

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