What's the link between Bladerunner and Google's new phone?

Google Nexus phone
Was the Google phone's name inspired by the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The internet has been going Nexus One bonkers this week, thanks to a very dull Google press conference in which the search giant did little more than rubber-stamp all of December's internet rumours then announce it had made a little shop, somberly nodding in agreement with all the Nexus "leaks" we've had for weeks.

But the underwhelming news of the Nexus was literally too much for the family of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, who have apparently issued Google with a "Cease & Desist" letter, claiming the name "Nexus One" is a bit too reminiscent of the "Nexus 6" androids featured in Dick's Androids/Sheep novel that was later turned into bewildering movie Bladerunner.

With Google already shipping the Nexus around the world, it's a bit of an inconvenience to suddenly be told it might have to start calling the thing the "Google Phone" again. We're sure it's nothing a few Amazon orders of the complete PK Dick back catalogue can't smooth over.

Right up your Alley?

Here's an extremely odd combination of technology and Twitter, even odder than the amazingly popular combo of Demi Moore and Twitter - it's Kirstie Alley and Phitter.

Alley, the yo-yo-dieting former star of Cheers and early geek lust object in Wrath of Khan, has launched a "phitness phocused community" a bit like Twitter, right down to the 140-character message limit, designed to help fat people motivate fellow fat people into not having a massive bowl of pasta and chips for dinner tonight.


GET PHYSICAL: What an extremely phat idea

At the moment, the front page is full of poorly written recipe advice and women talking about their goals. We shan't be registering just yet, not until they start letting us vote on which one's the phittest.

Soon to be a minor motion picture

Remember Duke Nukem Forever? It was the game news we all grew up with. First announced in 1997, scrapped and restarted in 1998, revealed again in 2007 - then publicly and stunningly axed altogether in 2009. But the dream lives on, courtesy of a group of fans - who have decided (are pretending, but let's also pretend) to make a live-action fan movie based around the doomed shooter.

The trailer looks pretty authentic - it's shot in HD, features a nice bit of sexism, and stars a man who looks as stupid and macho as the original Duke himself.

THE DUKE: Probably not coming soon to any format, ever again

The trailer claims the film is "coming soon" - which in Duke Nukem terms, means it should be finished in, about, forever.

Yes in my back yard, please

Blimey, some good news about mobile phone radiation. Your local community might soon be rallying round and demanding a new phone tower is built right in the centre of the village next to the school, thanks to a group of scientists who believe phone radiation can actually protect the brain and stop the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Phone mast protest

WHAT DO WE WANT? "A powerful mobile phone mast! Where do we want it? Here!" [Image credit: Flickr]

Like everything new and exciting, it's being tested on mice - and the mice being used so far are doing well, so well that the scientists are twisting the dial and trying to find other frequencies of radiation that protect the mouse brains better. If all goes well, the technology night be scaled up to eventually protect cat brains. Then maybe dog brains.