tech. magazine: issue 9 – all the stories in one place

tech. magazine: issue 9 – all the stories in one place

So, you have a copy of tech. on the iPad but the editorial journey doesn't stop there. You may have noticed the many fantastic quotes we have in the issue. Well, now you can read the whole articles that we referenced - there's over 50 to choose from! Below is a list of content section by section. Enjoy.

Debrief 1

Amazon leads the great iOS invasion

Mac Observer

Business Insider

The Next Web


The Verge

New York Times

Debrief 2


Develop online

Official PlayStation magazine




Shogun Gamer

Debrief 3

Mozilla's sneak-Peak reveals Firefox phone


Know Your Mobile




Extreme Tech

Debrief Info

Tech's report card: must try harder

Megan Geuss - Ars Technica

Tim Bradshaw - FT

Jamie Carter - TechRadar

Harrison Weber - The Next Web

Emil Protalinski - The Next Web

Talk: Insight

Cory Doctorow – BoingBoing

Lawrence Lessig - Lessig Blog v2

Laura June - The Verge

Joe Coscarelli - New York Magazine

Michal Lev – Ram

Talk: Inform

Kim Dotcom's Mega launch brings privacy to free 50GB cloud drives


Kim Dotcom launches Mega, teases new movie service

The Verge

Mega spectacle at launch of Kim Dotcom's new file-sharing site

Mega hits 100,000 users in one hour

The Next Web


Adventure Journal

Tap! magazine

Creative Review

Black Crown Project

Edge Online

The Guardian

The Guardian

Google Donkeys