Robot Wars reboot has found its presenters – and a brand new logo

robot wars

The new series of Robot Wars has found its presenters, and has a new teaser trailer to celebrate the occasion.

Irish TV personalities Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon will be present the rebooted bot-battling show, which will see Jonathan Pearce reprising his familiar role as commentator.

Glasgow will play home to the new fighting arena, with the action set to kick off later this year. To celebrate today's announcement we've been given a teaser trailer, which correctly informs us that 'War is coming'.

A new logo for the show has also been revealed, bringing Robot Wars into the modern HD era.

Andrew Robertson, executive producer of Mentorn Scotland, which is producing the shows, says the logo "totally encapsulates everything that is new about the series: updated technology, modernised armour, contemporary design and a seismic updated tonal shift from the original series".

Sounds good to us.

Hugh Langley

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