Obama's 'completely secure' BlackBerry due

President Obama's mobile will be all about security, not baby shaking

President Obama will soon be getting his BlackBerry back, following an upgrade that encrypts call and texts to Top Secret level.

The BlackBerry 8330 will use the SecurVoice solution from The Genesis Key cryptographic company, according to reports in The Washington Post.

SecurVoice is advertised as being "the world's first completely secure voice, data and video encryption", and is capable of meeting the National Security Agency's Top Secret Security certification and FIPS 140-2 Validation certification.

Cross-platform security

"With the recent foreign cybersecurity threats, it is important that the president has a BlackBerry that is completely secure at the top-secret level," said Gary Elliott of The Genesis Key.

As well as making the phone itself secure, SecurVoice can apparently disable lost phones, replace encryption keys and create secure conference calling.

The phone is currently with the NSA, where its encryption is being tested against federal standards, and is expected to be given to the President within months.

While waiting for the ungraded BlackBerry, President Obama has been using a standad BlackBerry handset attached to a NSA-supplied hand-held Windows PDA called the Sectéra Edge that can handle encrypted voice and data traffic.

Via The Washington Times.