One More Thing: The future of Kinect is holographic

One More Thing: The future of Kinect is holographic
Kinect, the best a man can get

Kinect phwoarMicrosoft has unveiled its 'future of games console' vision and it involves a holodeck-like experience, where monitors and TVs are replaced by a game that takes place in your room. It's an interesting idea and could well be where Kinect goes to in the future, that is if Microsoft's patent ever gets the greenlight. [DailyMail]

Tupac to the future – Tupac is dead and so is his hologram – this is because the folks that made it, Digital Domain, have gone bust. To be fair they should have go the sinking feeling when they created the effects for The Titanic. [Telegraph]

In the doghouse – Big Dog, created by DARPA, is a robot being tested by the US Marine core and also one of the scariest things you will ever see. Essentially ED-209 on four legs, the robo-dog has been created to carry equipment through rough terrain and is being put through its paces now by the military. Wow.Just wow.

Thinking outside the box – Uber-famous boxing coach John Rooney Jnr has decided that his boxers need to put their game faces on in the ring and has installed a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade machine at his London gym. This is to help fighters with their reflexes and hand-eye coordination apparently – and in no way to promote the upcoming game that's released on September 14 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Big voice – Did you know that that garbled Sega voice at the beginning of Sonic The Hedgehog was such a memory hogger that it took up an eighth of the space of a MegaDrive cartridge. Nope, neither did we but some clever Reddit reader spotted it in a recent Wikipedia update. [Wikipedia]

Toast ship – Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you. So sang Crowded House and while this isn't strictly true, you can now have the weather on a piece of toast. This is thanks to the Jamy Toaster. No, we have no idea either but we're sure it is something the hipsters want. [Gizmodo]

Look into my eyes – Nexi is a robot with MASSIVE EYES. But that's not the story, the story is that Nexi is also the centre of a psychological study where the robot tests human trust with a series of silent cues… well, check out the YouTube video for yourself and see if you think robots will soon garner the ability to lie to our faces. [Engadget]

Residential evil Resident Evil, the game that is scarier than your Gran sans makeup and eating a grapefruit, is about to become a theme park ride in Universal Studios Japan. It will be open till November 11 and is a walk-through attraction that's packed to the rafters with zombies and the like. Sounds like our kind of fun. [Kotaku]

Comic timing Amazon Studios has branched out and created its own comic book called the Blackburn Burrow – which should be done by the trade descriptions act as the Lancashire town isn't once mentioned in it. [The Verge]

Plus point – The latest PlayStation firmware update – yes, it is 2012, and we still have to deal with waiting around to play games – will offer 1GB of cloud storage to any user that's signed up to PlayStation Plus. [CVG]

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