One More Thing: PS Vita looks to the past with PSOne awesomeness

One More Thing: PS Vita looks to the past with PSOne awesomeness
PS Vita - now plays like a PSP

PS, I love you – The PlayStation Vita has added a tonne of old-school gaming to its handheld arsenal, all courtesy of the device's latest firmware upgrade which brings with it some PSOne classics. The snappily titled PS Vita 1.80 update opens up the door to PSOne games via the PSN, with the likes of Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal 2 and Wild Arms all available to download from today. [Inentertainment]

I am the god of Hearthfire – The Skyrim's the limit with the latest Elder Scrolls V add-on, which allows you to buy land (within the game), build a house (within the game) and adopt children (within the game). It's called Hearthfire and it's available to download (on Xbox 360 at least) from September 4. [ElderScrolls]

Fit and you know it – The bods behind Bluetooth have announced two new profiles for those who want to learn more about their fitness regimes. The new standard will measure how fast a user is running or peddling and it is hoped that the update will stop Bluetooth from being usurped by the likes of new-kid-on-the-block NFC. [Register]

Up, up and away – Forget MegaUpload, it's going to be MegaMegaUpload soon. This is according to founder Kim DotCom who reckons the next version of the file-sharing site will be a "massive global network" to "turn this world upside down". We will believe when we see it but you have got to admire DotCom's gumption, and means we get to watch that pop video one more time. [Gizmodo]

Surface art – Microsoft has gone and done a Banksy with its marketing for the Microsoft Surface, relying on street advertising to sell the upcoming tablet range. Microsoft is denying it is behind the adverts but, well, it is. [ItProPortal]

Below-fi - Virgin Media reckons it facilitated 8 million tweets, Facebook posts, emails and the like on the London Underground during the Olympics. Right. Let's see if we can top that during the Paralympics, eh London? [Virgin Media]

Set phasers to ugh - Someone somewhere has deemed blasting's new song out over Mars a good idea. Well, at least we have someone to blame the impending interplanetary ASBO on. [Guardian]

I drink it up – YouView will now be bringing all the boys to the yard thanks to its new on-demand programming from Channel 5's kids' thing Milkshake! (their exclamation point, not ours). [PR]

Greetings friend - If you get a Facebook email saying, "Your friend added a new photo with you to the album…" then don't click it! It looks like it's just malware playing to your ego. [All Facebook]

I don't do that tongue thing - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a freakin' remote-controlled, jet-powered, fire-breathing dragon. And we won't rest until we have one. [PopSci]

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