One More Thing: One Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour proven false

One More Thing: One Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour proven false
Thank goodness we now know what isn't the product number for the Samsung Galaxy S3

There's something for everyone in today's One More Thing installment. Everyone except those of you who hate to see a phone rumour laid to rest, because we're afraid one of them is today.

But for everyone else: if you're not into Pokemon, perhaps we can interest you in a little Skyrim. If you're not interested in smartphones, we'd like to offer you the smart traffic lights that can tell when you're coming and turn green (presumably) just for you.

If you're into self defense, there's pepper spray and if you're into self-flagellation, there's a rather unfortunate Richard Branson related image coming your way in three, two, one...

Virgin Porn - is no longer in the hands of the Australian cybersquatter who was hoping to get rich quick either from the hordes of weirdos that get their rocks off to the leonine looks of old Dickie B, or from Sir Branson himself. Unluckily for Sean Truman, he was ordered to hand it over gratis because the domain was registered in bad taste... sorry, we mean bad faith. [The Register]

No opinions available - The Motorola Motoluxe has gone on sale in the UK. We know how strongly some of you feel about Motorola so we're just going to leave this information here and slowly back away. [TalkAndroid]

Motorola motoluxe

Green man - Everything's smart these days - your phone, your TV, Alecs - so why not traffic lights? One computer scientist at the University of Texas reckons he could create lights that communicate with the approaching traffic to figure out the most efficient way to let traffic through. Sounds like Die Hard 4.0 waiting to happen to us. [Discovery]

Good job hunting - Facebook knows you better than you know yourself, and it knows how well you'll do at certain jobs too apparently. A US study asked some HR professionals to analyse 56 Facebook profiles and six months later evaluated the findings against how well the 56 Facebookers had been doing at work. Don't worry, we're sure all those gooey loved-up status updates spell excellent things for your career. [Mashable]

What the world has been waiting for - It's an iPhone case AND a handy holder for your pepper spray. Don't you feel safer already? Just be careful where you point that thing. And, er, how close you put it to your eyes and ears. [Piexon]

iPhone pepper spray

Debunkbed - Some crazed Samsung Galaxy S3 fans were convinced that the GT-i9300 product number was the mythical Samsung flagship, speaking to them from that ethereal plane that is the online smartphone rumourmill.

But it's not, because the Galaxy S3 is going to be, like, totally mega high res and the GT-i9300, it now emerges, offers a paltry 1024x600 screen resolution. Unlucky. [Android Community]

Skype update alert - Skype for iOS - you know, the other FaceTime - has had a bit of an update including a few visual tweaks to make it easier to tell who you're chatting to, a fresh new Appley look for the dialpad and a bit more stability for iOS 5. Lovely. [TNW]

Eat my shorts - Sorry gamers, EA reckons the Simpsons app game it has on the cards, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, will be one of its biggest titles for 2012. It will take the Farmville approach of being free but expecting you to shell out real world money for pretend world stuff. No release date yet but it should hit iOS before any other platform. Mmm, fremium. [Cnet]

Big Pokemon news coming - Gather 'round, TechRadar-reading Pokemon fans. Don't be shy. Apparently there's some news coming about a new version of the Pokemon Black/White titles or something. Gotta catch 'em all or whatever. Stay tuned to Junichi Masuda's Twitter account for more. You may need to learn Japanese first. [SiliconEra]

Map app - If you like that Skyrim is big but sometimes feel it's a little bit too big, you want to get yourself the free interactive map app that just launched for iOS. It used to be on Android but then it took an arrow to the knee. Did we do that right? [Slashgear]

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