One More Thing: Jonathan Ive and Leica sitting in a tree...

iMagine that – Jony Ive famously likes to stick to Rams' ten principles of good design and it seems he will be putting these to good use when he designs a limited edition version of the Leica M camera. Unfortunately, if you want to get your grubby iMitts on the thing, then you will have to pay good money to charity – with the camera set to sell for at least $7,000. [TechCrunch]

Vision on – BBC presenter Jake Humphries has been revealed as the new face of BT Vision's Premier League football show, which has prompted Gary Lineker to ask the departing Humphries whether he can sort out his broadband for him. Bet he's laughing all the way to the bank. [Twitter]

Logo ago-go – eBay has decided to have a bit of a spring clean, announcing a brand new logo and, well, that's it. According to the online auction site: "Our refreshed logo is rooted in our proud history and reflects a dynamic future". What they said. [eBay]

Holo man – So, Mr Fox News – the iPhone 5 has a holographic projector and a laser keyboard does it? Really? Really? No, it doesn't but your recent news piece on the iDevice clearly states that it does. That sound you hear is the slap of a P45 on to the desk of Fox's news researcher. [Cnet]

Making the cut – With the iPhone 5 on such a severe diet that the only thing it can consume is 4G signal and a Nano SIM, it means that there is a gap in the market for a Nano SIM cutter. And that gap has been filled with QQTech seemingly the first to market with its SIM slicer. [Amazon]

Virgin on the ridiculous – Want to know what future Britain will look like in 2025 according to Virgin Media Business? Nope, us either but there's a video doing the rounds that shows just that. Apparently technology will "ask" us to do things. Sounds horrible. [Gizmodo UK]

Warped imagination – Nasa is looking into new technologies that will eventually send its space craft into warp drive. It's just a lab experiment at the moment but even the mere fact that Nasa is looking into it has made Star Wars and Star Trek lovers hyperventilate. [Register]

Worth Big-ging up – LittleBigPlanet has arrived for the PS Vita and by all accounts it is a superb game. To celebrate its arrival, T3 has created a level dedicated to its magazine and website and the result is fantastic. [T3]

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