One More Thing: Jeremy Clarkson's voice banned

One more thing: Jeremy Clarkson's voice banned
News, small but perfectly formed

With Mobile World Congress slowing wrapping up you would think that all would be calm in TechRadar Towers.

But the launch of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and confirmation that Apple will be launching something big (iPad 3) on 7 March means we have been rushed off our feet… so much that this edition of One More Thing nearly didn't make it to press.

But we opened up a can of generic caffeine drink, popped a couple of happy pills and as if by magic here is today's strange but scintillating link-fest.

Enjoy/Endure – delete as appropriate…

Stop Gear – Jeremy Clarkson has been lambasted by the BBC Trust for lending his voice to TomTom for one of its sat navs. The deal was quashed but not before 54,000 devices were shipped with his dulcet tones on them. Apparently his deal to sell right wing mirrors is still in place. [The Telegraph]

Tweet child o'mine – Former child star now fully grown woman singer Miley Cyrus has blamed Twitter for the amount of cyber-bullying that goes on in the world. Which is fair enough, considering someone threatened to murder her on the site. But, seriously, blaming Twitter is a little like blaming Burberry for the amount of chavs on the planet and Smith and Wesson for gun crime – it's not the tool, but the bad workmen operating it. [Holy Moly]

Better off TED – Ridley Scott has managed to up the hype surrounding his upcoming movie Prometheus to ridiculous levels by releasing a viral video of a TED talk set in 2023, by Guy Pierce who plays a character from Weyland Industries. Yes, the Weyland Industries in Alien. Consider us stupidly excited. [Deadline]

The cum diaries – 55,000 condoms with QR codes have been distributed around Seattle in the US in an experiment to see where the condoms were being used. All the anonymous data has been uploaded to and will be used to understand that little bit more about how people in America use birth control. Plus points for the guy who managed to get his end away on the infamous Space Needle. There's a prick joke here somewhere but we wouldn't stoop so low. [GizMag]

Ogle the Google Doodlers – Google has released a video which features the people behind its utterly brilliant Google Doodles, with information on the reasoning behind some of the more famous drawings. We would have preferred a Google Doodler doodle but the video is a great look at some very talented people. [Mashable]

(8) Bit of fun – Want to hear 'House Of The Rising Sun' played on old Ataris? Of course you do. Bizarre but brilliant – now we want to hear The Smiths played on a Commodore 64. [Guardian Music]

Life through aliens – A website,, is hoping to crowd-source alien life, transmitting frequencies that are transmitted from the Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Allen Telescope Array. It's the only place on the web to hear a real ET try and phone home. [BBC]

Anonymous arrests – 25 members of Anonymous were arrested in dawn raids this week, which is sure to be a blow to the site that prides itself on being, er, anonymous. [ZDnet]

Ad addendum – Twitter has revealed that adverts will be coming to the official Twitter mobile app, so you can look forward to reading promos among the 140-characters of gold your friends, celebrities and even dead dictators churn out on a daily basis. [Inquirer]

Soccer to 'em – ESPN is nearing the 2 million download barrier for its ESPN Goals app which is great news and also announced a news app for iPhone, using its ESPNSoccernet brand. Now, being British, soccer is a bit of a dirty word for us but as the app offers clips from the ESPN's shows, audio content and a bevy of live scores, all is almost forgiven. [iTunes]


Leader of the Pac – Pac-Man is set to make a return as a television show. Scheduled to arrive in 2013, the original idea of Pac-Man chomping up stuff and dodging ghosts has been altered slightly, with Pac-Man now at high school and he has some friends too. So, when we say altered slightly, we mean completely. Sigh. [Kotaku]

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