One More Thing: It's not okay to slam your iPad mini to the floor

One More Thing: It's not okay to slam your iPad mini to the floor
The before shot

Painful viewing - The iPad mini has had its first drop test. Moral of the story: don't chuck your new tablet down face first onto the ground from a height of four feet or more, or dip it in the bath. [



EE by gum - EE threw a big old 4G launch shindig last night during which it turned Battersea Power Station into a giant 4D projection thing and made a Pussycat Doll wear a dress that people could Tweet. R-EE-ally. [PR]

Good reads - Back when the Kindle was but a sparkle in Jeff Bezos' eye, Amazon used to sell these weird sheafs of, like, flattened tree pulp bound together with words transferred onto them with ink. Anyway, what they reckon was the first book ever bought on Amazon has been revealed to be Doublas Hofstadter's Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies, sold to John Wainwright on April 3 1995. [TNW]

Scream 5 - Cambridge University students are sending a bunch of human screams into outer space for no real reason other than to test the old "In space, no one can hear you scream" theory. If you feel like that's something you'd like to be involved in, you've got 3 days to send in a video of you screaming for consideration. [Scream In Space]

Special AR - If you can put up with looking silly in the short term to achieve a long-term looking-good goal, then you may want to invest in a heads up display and this AR app that fools your body into thinking you've eaten more than you have by augmenting the size of your food as you eat it. Dieters, over to you. [Gizmodo]

A phone by any other name - Apple may not be allowed to use the term iPhone in Mexico because a company called iFone has been in action there since 2003. Unlucky. [Phone Arena]

Censored - In Russia, websites can now be blacklisted and forced offline without any need for a legal trail. Ostensibly, it's meant to protect children from the horrors of the internet's sordid underbelly, but many people worry that the new powers will be misused to censor sites that aren't exactly singing from the governmental hymn sheet. [BBC]

Grans are great - This sensible, straight-talking nan has two simple points to make about most technology: 1. Why would people want to do that? and 2. That sounds pretty stupid to me. Excellent points that can be applied to so many things in tech where a little perspective can go a long way. [Venture Village]

Piccalilli - The UK's got its first fully-funded Kickstarter venture in the form of Picade, the build-it-yourself cabinet for Raspberry Pi boards. It took just two days for the company to hit its £32,797 goal. Never fear, you can still pledge funds if you like the sound of the arcade-style cabinet, just hit the source link. [Kickstarter]

ISS we can - The International Space Station has now been continually inhabited for 12 straight years. Space, we are in you.

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