One More Thing: Incredible robotic arm reads minds

One More Thing: Incredible robotic arm reads minds
It might not look like much but this robotic arm is mind meltingly brilliant

BrainGate - Cathy Hutchinson's arms and legs have been paralysed for over 15 years but this incredible brain-machine interface allows her to control a robotic arm by thought alone. There's a sensor in the motor cortex part of her brain that picks up nerve signals when Cathy thinks about moving her own limbs and a decoder then translates the signals into commands that the robotic arm carries out. Now that's what we call technology. Amazing. [Reuters]

Pinteresting – Sure, we all thought Pinterest was a flash-in-the-pan fad like Tamagotchis and Pogs, but it may well be here to stay as Japanese ecommerce company Rakuten has invested $100 million in it. Are we going to start being able to buy stuff through Pinterest then? That could get expensive… [TNW]

Star spangled – Remember Eduardo Saverin? Sure you do, he was in The Social Network, the new Superman played him. He's a real person too, one of the original Facebook creators who ended up with a stake in Facebook worth around $5bn. Ever thrifty, he's hoping to avoid $64m in US taxes by renouncing citizenship (although his people say it's actually because he just looooves Singapore). The rub? He probably won't ever be allowed back in to the States. [TNW]

Arrow to the etc – A handy interactive map app for Skyrim has been told to shut up shop and remove the app from the App Store "due to copyright infringement", despite the creator's insistence that he "intentionally didn't use any graphics or wording that would possibly be owned by Bethesda". [Kotaku]

Home sweet homepageApple has kicked domain squatters off after complaining to the World Intellectual Property Organisation. It's no guarantee that Apple will name its next iPhone the iPhone 5 though, so don't get too excited. [TNW]

Nothing to see here - Apparently we British reckon we waste two days a year waiting for slow websites to load, according to a survey by 1&1 Internet. "The overall lesson is that consumers have never been so unforgiving of slow running websites," concludes 1&1 as TechRadar shuffles awkwardly, clears our collective throat and then runs away. [PR]

Episode II – The second instalment of interactive HTML5 web comic Brandon Generator is now live. As well as 69 bits of user-submitted content, the comic uses PNG to SVG translation and the animation power of IE9's SVG engine to mask secret features. Happy hunting. [Brandon Generator]

brandon genertot

Your money or your smartphone – 37 per cent of people surveyed by Recombu say they can't physically live without their phone. We don't believe them. [Recombu]

Convenient - Staples has got some new notebooks to sell, so it's handy that it's latest round of research proves that people still want to use notebooks. Only 9 per cent of its respondents said they use electronic devices to take notes these days even though using paper and pen is well old school. [PR]

Kobo dragon – You can now get the Harry Potter ebooks on Kobo ereaders by visiting Thank goodness. [PR]

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