Now you can click and collect from the Apple Store

Apple Store

British shoppers can now buy Apple products online from the Apple Store, and pick them up rather than have them delivered.

The Gadget Show reports that the new shopping option has been available for some time, but the service has finally launched in the UK.

To click and collect, all you have to do is go through the normal online shopping process, but choose to collect rather than deliver - and the website will walk you through the process of choosing which store you'd like to collect from, and figuring out whether what you want is actually available.

Send someone else out in the rain

Usefully, you can even nominate someone else to pick your goods up for you - though they will need to take along some sort of proof. So you won't just be able to rock up to Apple's store on Regent's Street, say "I'm picking up an iPhone 6S for… umm… John…?" and get yourself a free phone.

Similar services have been available from other retailers such as Argos for some time. So don't be surprised if we see Apple publishing an annual catalogue some time soon. Or perhaps trying to get everyone to use little stubby pens.