Is Xbox One vs PS4 the biggest tech event of the past 12 months?

Is Xbox v PS4 the biggest tech event of the past 12 months?
Xbox One and PS4

We often focus on the big gadgets vying for supremacy at the T3 Gadget Awards presented by Ford SYNC, but this year brings a whole new category: tech moment of the year.

This was brought in to recognize the highs (and lows) of the past 12 months in tech and this year's shortlist brings the narrowed down list of six.

Space features heavily with Felix Baumgartner's remarkable space jump - not least because about half the audience stopped watching when it was clear that he wouldn't die and Mars Curiosity Rover reaching Mars (and also drawing a giant, erm, "doodle").

Psy, kicks

4G's arrival in the UK makes the grade as does the arrival of goal-line technology to the Premier League and Psy's Gangnam Style tipping over the billion mark in YouTube views.

But the early favorite to snatch the title is the early salvos in the PS4 and Xbox One next-gen console war.

Why? Because everyone likes a bit of tech conflict and even the TechRadar team are at loggerheads over whether the PS4 will crush the Xbox One or if, actually, the Xbox One will be a hit.

The T3 Awards will take place on October 3 in Old Billingsgate in London and you can still vote at

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