Ironman 3 to be smelt and felt by Japanese fans

Ironman 3
Seriously -- pull my finger

Marvel's latest cinema extravaganza will be explored in new ways ways by cinema-goers in Japan, with smell-o-vision and wind effects to be incorporated into special sessions of Ironman 3.

But you won't be able to walk into any old Japanese cinema and smell the rocket fuel burning from the hero's feet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, specially fitted 4DX cinemas will screen the film with equipment producing wind, fog and bubble effects, tilting seats that move with the action and, the all-important odor projectors.

A Korean company called CJ Group is behind the 4DX fit-outs, and is responsible for programming when the various smells and effects take place during the movie. The company has created over 1,000 different smells including burnt rubber, gun powder, perfume, sea water and coffee.

While there are only a few compatible cinemas with the equipment installed, there has been whispers of the technology spreading into more cinemas in more countries. The LA Times reported last year that CJ was working on 200 cinemas in the US and that it has already installed 4DX in Mexico. It may only be a matter of time before your local picture house is blasting you with cold air and an assortment of perfumes.

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