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Tell us: Are these company logos cool or crap?


It might not seem like a big deal when a tech company changes its logo, but the move tends to perk people's interest because it can signal significant changes taking place inside the company. Plus, it's the rest of us who have to look at the darn thing until the next change, anyway.

Google recently redesigned its logo to better reflect its image as a company that has grown dramatically since it first started in 1998. As techradar Mobile Editor Matt Swider put it so well, Google's new logo is, simply, a more accurate reflection of the company's slimmed down product portfolio.

But not every updated logo is a success. Some do the impossible and make their logos worse than it was before.

We've gathered up some of the tech world's biggest players along with their old and new logos, and we want you to tell us, are they any good or total crud? Vote on the choice that best describes your feelings about each logo. After a week, we'll publish the results so you can see how others voted. Have fun!

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