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George Foreman unveils new fat-fighting fryer

George Foreman fighting fat once again
George Foreman fighting fat once again

Not content with revolutionising the world with his 'Lean Mean Grilling Machines' George Foreman has set his sights on knocking the deep fat fryer industry into shape.

Now, we will forgive your innocence in thinking that nobody can make deep fat fryers healthy.

But this is George Foreman we are talking about here, the man who came back to heavyweight boxing at the age of 45 to open a can of whoop-ass on a man half his age.

Lean Mean Fryer

Named the Lean Mean Fryer, you cook your food in the device like a conventional fryer, then let the in-built Spin Cycle do its job.

This essentially spins out 55 per cent of the fat in the food, leaving you with a meal that is both Lean and, er, Mean.

You can pick one up now in the US for $150 (around £85).