Cruise line offers 'Technology Concierges'

Would sir care for ice with his iPod?
Would sir care for ice with his iPod?

You're probably used to technical support questions being answered in India, but few companies will take you there personally for high-tech help.

High-end cruise line Crystal Cruises has just announced that each of its world-spanning "ultra-luxury" liners will have dedicated Technology Concierges to "train and educate guests on their latest gadgets."

"For many, portable tech devices have become essential travel accessories, yet most people aren't familiar with half of their functions and capabilities," said Thomas Mazloum, senior vice president at Crystal Cruises.

"Whether one is too busy or simply less tech savvy, the Technology Concierges offer great opportunities to master one's gadgets with one-on-one assistance from an expert. And a vacation is a great time to explore something new."

Do geeks travel free?

The complimentary service - apparently a first in the cruise industry - begins through Crystal's educational, user-friendly ComputerUniversity@Sea aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity in April and May, respectively.

The fully-trained Technology Concierges will also "enlighten guests on the newest trends" (ie. bore them about Open Source software) and "teach them finer nuances of today's most popular devices" (which may or may not include jail-breaking iPhones).

Needless to say, Apple's smartphone is top of the list of gadgets that Concierges can assist with, but we were fairly amused to also see Amazon's Kindle on there - it won't be able to download new material once outside the US mobile phone network - as well as the Garmin Colorado 400c GPS sat nav (guess what, folks, you're on a boat).

There's plenty of time and, we would imagine, plenty of vacancies on Crystal's signature 2010 World Cruise, tickets for which start at a very reasonable $58,245 (£40,000).