Children's data stolen from the BBC

The BBC loses kids' data
The BBC loses kids' data

The BBC has become the latest big corporation to be embroiled in a missing data scandal.

Several Memory Sticks and a laptop containing information about a new BBC1 food show for kids called Gastronuts has been stolen from a vehicle belonging to one of the production company's staff.

The Memory Sticks are said to have personal information about children and their families, which includes names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of kids, and families' holiday dates.

In a statement to the press, a BBC spokesperson said: "This data was not lost by the BBC itself, but stolen from an independent production company working for CBBC. However we took the issue very seriously."

Farts in a jar

In a letter to the parents of the children involved, BBC Children's Controller Richard Deverell is said to have wrote: "I am sorry to let you know Objective have informed us that a computer memory stick has gone missing.

"The memory stick is likely to have contained the information you gave. I know this situation may cause you some concern.

"I offer you my sincere apologies and my assurances that we are taking all action possible to mitigate the consequences of this regrettable incident."

Gastronuts was meant to be a new show aimed at children that puts the fun into cooking, with the show explaining how to cook toenail cakes, catch farts in a jar and the best way to stew worms.

Production on the show has, unfortunately, been suspended while an investigation takes place.

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