Brekkie Bytes: The best news from Thursday night

Nokia Lumia 1020 camera grip
Extra battery life in a camera grip? Genius!

After months of leaks, false starts and speculation, Nokia finally made the Lumia 1020 all official. the 41MP Windows Phone 8 smart phone is on its way, with revelations that Microsoft even

altered the WP8 code

to accommodate the flagship phone.

Of course, Windows Phone 8 was enjoying its moment in the spotlight, so it kept the announcements coming. Path and Flipboard are porting over to the platform, as is Vine.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is looking to make those recent hardware plays more permanent, with boss-man Ballmer restructuring the whole company to give hardware and software equal billing.

That's probably good news for the Xbox Team, which revealed what inspired the Xbox One's design, at the same time that gamers were calling for Microsoft to add those DRM restrictions back in to the console.

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