Asus may be next in line to take on the possibly-real iWatch

Asus may be next in line to take on the possibly-real iWatch
Apple better iWatch out

Asus chairman Jonney Shih has admitted that the company is having a little think about wearable tech and sort-of implied that Asus may well develop a smartwatch.

He described wearable devices as a "critical sector" at the company's annual shareholder meeting.

Discussing Google Glass as well as a potential Apple watch, Shih discussed the future possibilities presented by wearable gadgets, including biometrics, voice control and flexible displays.

"We have been running many simulation tests in our labs," he added.

Cross-field war

"The point is how to win the leading position when such devices become mainstream products. I think it's certainly a promising sector, as we are talking about a cross-field war.

"We will likely see more bio-technology integrated with computer technology in the future."

There's an air of expectancy around the whole smartwatch arena at the moment. It's as though all the tech giants are lining up at the start line, jostling for position but tentatively awaiting the announcer to call 'On your marks'.

The catalyst is likely to be the much-discussed but still entirely unconfirmed Apple iWatch.

Sure, Asus could bank on technical innovation and all that, but we reckon the key to Asus' smartwatch success is another killer product demo like this one:

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