Windows 7 warns users that the end is nigh

Windows 7
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Windows 7's days are numbered, and the much-loved operating system has begun warning its remaining users that its time is nearly up.

As BetaNews reports, Microsoft is turning up the pressure as it prepares Windows 7's death knell. It has already been urging users to upgrade to Windows 10, but now it's dialled up the pressure by informing them in no uncertain terms that "support for Windows 7 is nearing an end".

Of course, you don't have to make the jump to Windows 10 when support for Windows 7 ends on January 14 2020, but you won't receive any more security updates, leaving you at risk from newly discovered vulnerabilities. 

If you're determined to stick with the ageing OS for as long as possible, you can choose to dismiss the warnings, but it's advisable not to connect your PC to the internet (or any other network) if you plan to keep using it after the expiration date.

The beginning of the end

The popups might seem intrusive, but Microsoft has good reason to be concerned; Windows 7 was still gaining new users as recently as February this year, when it was the OS of choice for 37.19% of desktop PC users.

The notification also includes a link to a page explaining how to upgrade to Windows 10, and even buy a new PC, since one running Windows 7 is likely to be getting rather long in the tooth. 

With the Windows 10 May 2019 Update on the horizon, promising new features including an improved Start menu, new themes and no more Cortana in the search box, this may be the ideal time to make the switch.

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