Windows 10’s latest update fail could be its most serious yet

Windows 10
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Windows 10’s seemingly never-ending run of faulty updates is continuing to impact users, with reports emerging that Windows 10 KB4532693 is deleting files on some people’s PCs.

We’ve previously reported that KB4532693 was causing some serious issues for Windows 10 users, with people's Start menus and desktops reverting to their default states.

However, it seems that issue is even more serious than first thought, as it appears that it is deleting any files saved on the desktop as well.

Some people have been able to restore their files – it appears the update is renaming and moving their user profile –  but it seems that many people have found they are unable to restore the files that were deleted.

While changing the user profile back to its default settings is annoying, if an update is faulty enough that it’s actually deleting users’ files, then this is very serious indeed.

We don’t know how widespread this issue is, with Windows Latest quoting several users on Microsoft’s forums,  and Microsoft itself has yet to comment. Hopefully this is cleaned up quickly.

Update pulled

We also reported that the Windows 10 KB4524244 update was causing issues for users, and it’s now been pulled by Microsoft – so the update will no longer be automatically downloaded.

This update was causing issues with HP devices because of its Sure Start Secure Boot Key Protection.

This is yet another example of a faulty Windows 10 update, and Microsoft needs to act fast to fix these problems and ensure future updates are not affected.

Matt Hanson
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