Windows 10 dark mode is finally getting improved

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Windows 10’s dark mode, also known as the dark theme, has been a part of the operating system for a while now, and a new update looks like it will finally fix some of the annoyances many of us have had with it.

The Windows 10 dark mode has been criticised for its inconsistency. When applied, some parts of Windows 10 and its apps get the dark theme, but other parts of the OS keep their bright white backgrounds.

This has led to Windows 10’s dark mode feeling a little half-baked. However, as Windows Latest reports, it looks like Microsoft is finally address this issue.

None more black

With Build 20211, an early version of an upcoming Windows 10 update that’s available to Windows Insiders, Windows 10’s dark mode has been updated, and now Windows Search, menus within the search tool, and web searches powered by Bing all have black backgrounds.

Pop-up menus and dialogs are now also dark to match the rest of the user interface, such as the taskbar and Start menu.

It’s not the biggest change in the world, but anyone who uses the dark mode in Windows 10 and has been frustrated about how it doesn’t cover the entire operating system will be relieved to see that Microsoft is finally doing something about it.

To apply the dark theme, go to Settings > Personalization > Colors and select ‘Dark’.

While this makes dark mode in Windows 10 better, Microsoft is still struggling to apply it to all parts of Windows 10, especially older legacy apps and menus.

Matt Hanson
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