Who needs a TV when you can have this 85-inch 4K gaming monitor?

the AUO 85-inch monitor showing off footage of a generic shooter game
(Image credit: AUO)

Do you want to take your gaming setup up to a whole new level? Well, there’s an 85-inch gaming display from AU Optoelectronics that’s sure to put even the best home theater systems setups to shame.

Not only will your vision be filled with your favorite Steam game thanks to the enormous display size, but you’ll be able to game in 4K with HDR and up to 240 FPS (thanks to the screen's 240Hz variable refresh rate). Additionally, AUO has used a low reflectivity coating to reduce glare.

Given that most of the best gaming monitors peak at around 144Hz right now AUO’s new display will be a serious step up in performance over most of what’s on the market. The short press release doesn’t give us many details of how it has achieved this feat, but we’ll hopefully find out more soon. 

We also don’t know how much the screen will cost, but we’d expect its price to land well over $1,000 thanks to its impressive specs and massive size. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more.

Analysis: is 85 inches too much screen? 

For a desk monitor that will typically sit closer to you than a TV, 85-inches feels more than a little absurd. The monitor you use right now will most likely sit in the 15 to 34-inch range, which really puts the sizing difference into perspective.

If your table doesn’t collapse under the weight of this thing you’ll be faced with a display that’s just over 7ft long from corner to corner – so almost certainly taller than you. When you’re sitting up close to it, you’ll probably struggle to look at the whole screen at once.

Rather than this sitting in your usual PC setup, then, it would most likely suit those who want a home cinema geared around gaming. The 240Hz refresh rate will let you enjoy the max frame rate most conventional rigs can achieve and the massive size will let you sit back and relax on your sofa while you game; you’ll just have to put up with a controller or a wireless mouse and keyboard.

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