What PS4 games did you play the most in 2019? Find out with this Sony tool

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Want to boast about / lament the number of hours you spent sat in front of your PlayStation 4 last year? Well, here's the proof you'll need: Sony's 2019 Wrap Up page will reveal just how long you played your favorite PS4 games for – and reward you for doing so.

Simply enter your PSN ID, and the page will calculate your most-played games, the number of distinct games you played, your favorite genre, downloaded PS Plus titles and the number of trophies you acquired across the year.

This info is then presented in a neat infographic you can share with your friends. And perhaps hide from your long-suffering partner.

Playtime rewards

Once the site has assessed what type of gamer you are, it'll also offer a few freebie downloads as a little thank you.

As well as a dynamic theme based on the Wrap Up, it'll also throw in seven avatar images, each representing what Sony considers a different type of gamer. You'll be able to download them all and pick from Action Hero, Legendary Warrior, Master Explorer, Master Strategist, Speed Demon, Sports Phenom, and Marksman.

You've got until February 14th to take a look – plenty of time to get psyched about how many hours you're going to be spending on the PS5 by this time next year.

Gerald Lynch

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