Suunto Traverse could help you stay on track

Suunto Traverse

Every summer there are numerous stories about overly ambitious adventurers who get themselves lost in the Australian bush, resulting in expensive (and embarrassing) rescue operations.

But you might be able to keep that from happening to you by slapping one of Suunto's new Traverse navigation watches on your wrist before you head out.

The Suunto Traverse supports both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems – GLONASS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System and is the Russian equivalent of GPS – and the watch enables you to track your progress using key stats like altitude and distance.

(Don't) get lost

An automatic breadcrumb trail makes it easy to retrace your steps, and the watch also alerts you to incoming storms. Its backlight lets you check your maps at night, and this can be activated as a flashlight mode to help you view your surroundings.

The Traverse isn't just for bush bashing, though, as wearing the watch every day results in daily step and calorie counts – though it's hardy exterior might not compliment your office-wear in the way an Apple Watch or Moto 360 would.

Compatible with both iOS and Android apps, the Suunto Traverse is available in black, white and amber. At $549.99 it's not cheap, but you might be grateful for it if you find yourself wandering off the beaten track.