Polar A360 takes on Fitbit fitness trackers with a full-color display

Polar A360

Polar has been known for producing some of the world's most accurate activity trackers and heart rate sensors, and now the company is announcing its first consumer-level fitness band.

While Polar has traditionally manufactured products for hardcore athletes, it's positioning the A360 as a beginner's fitness tracker. The wearable device features a strip-shaped, full-color LCD touchscreen, not unlike the one we've seen on the Microsoft Band 2.

The main unit of the A360 isn't fused to the wrist band, which means you can pop out the brains of the wearable and put it into a different colored wrapper – also a bit like the Razer Nabu X. Though this device seems to be competing directly with the Fitbit Charge HR.

Polar A360

On the underside of the A360, there's an optical sensor to monitor users' heart rates and a pedometer to track steps. By putting these different inputs together, the Polar A360 can help calculate all your burnt calories, workout sessions and how long you've slept.

The fitness band also vibrates to inform users of incoming calls, messages, calendar alerts, social media notifications and if they've been sitting around for too long. When fully charged, Polar expects its A360 band will last for 12 days with 24/7 activity tracking and one hour workouts.

Polar A360

It also works with Polar's H7 heart rate monitor in case users prefer to train with the more accurate chest strap sensors. If you're not able to stream updates to the accompanying smartphone app, the band will retain 60 hours of training data.

The Polar A360 fitness tracker will be available in Powder White and Charcoal Black this November for $199.95 (about £129.27, AU$275.68). Post launch, users will also be able to pick up bands in a few other colors including Sorbet Pink, Navy Blue and Neon Green for $24.95 (about 16.13, AU$34.40).

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