HTC's 'Petra' smartband could be the next wearable to shun Android Wear

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Remember we mentioned an Under Armour, HTC tie-up could mean a fitness-focused wearable? Well, a new report suggests that HTC's Petra smartband could be appearing in the next couple of months.

According to Upleaks, we can expect a light-weight band - 23 grams - that comes well-equipped compared to most similar devices, and certainly isn't at the minimalist end of the smartband spectrum.

For a start, Petra has a 1.8 inch flexible PMOLED display, with a resolution of 36 x 160. The display keeps you in the know on everything, from time, alarms and stopwatches to local weather updates.

In step

It also displays music controls, sleep analysis and calendar info alongside phone notifications. And it works as a camera shutter too, for remote control of your smartphone snapper.

It'll count your steps too, but in an area where most fitness bands are wildly inconsistent, HTC will package Petra with a footpad that should make it a far more reliable step tracker.

On top of that, it still has GPS included and provides 'sports analysis' too, which just adds fuel to the fire that Under Armour may be involved somewhere along the line.

And best of all, a prospective release date of Q1 2015 puts the Petra right in our laps it seems. We expect to find out more at Mobile World Congress, but keep an ear to the ground for a few more details before hand. We'll be getting our hands on one as soon as possible.