Wear OS is finally getting some useful Google Assistant abilities

Wear OS

Google IO 2018 is still a few days away, but that’s not stopping the company from pouring out some good announcements a little early.

Following the earlier news that Google Assistant can now connect to and control over 5,000 smart home devices, the Assistant is also being vastly improved on Wear OS.

In its current state, Google Assistant on the wrist is good at the basics, but more detailed questions are best reserved for your phone or Google Home. But starting today, Google is injecting smart suggestions on Wear OS to stay one step ahead of you. 

Asking about the weather? Google Assistant will not only show you the current forecast, but also the weather on the weekend to glance at.

Next up, Google Assistant now has a voice. If your Wear OS has a built-in speaker or you have a set of Bluetooth headphones paired up, you’ll hear audible cues as you would with other Assistant-equipped devices.

Lastly, Google is allowing Actions on Wear OS. These are actionable commands that you can program to trigger other smart home devices. From heating up the over to cooling down your house or apartment before you arrive, this is a big one for people who have hoped to do more with their watches.

Google will be focusing on Wear OS at its upcoming developer conference starting on May 8, where it will also dive into detail on Android P.

Cameron Faulkner

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