Wear OS gets new shortcut ‘Tiles’ to quickly check weather and headlines

Image credit: Google (Image credit: Google)

Google is continuing its slow revamp of Wear OS by adding more ‘Tiles’ – what the company is now calling all the apps-in-brief found by swiping left – which now include things like goals, weather forecast and news headlines.

Google introduced the concept a year ago, shortly after the company swapped the Android Wear name for Wear OS. The first shortcuts were for Google Fit and Google Assistant, which will soon be joined by Goals, Next event, Forecast (weather), Heart rate, Headlines and Timer. 

Wear OS users will be able to swipe left from the home screen to sift through all of these. You can rearrange the order of Tiles by touching-and-holding the tiles, or touch-and-drag in the Wear OS by Google app.

Tiles, Tiles, and more Tiles

More Tiles will be added over time, according to a Google press release. Certain features might not be available depending on which phone OS or smartwatch users are pairing with Wear OS, as well as which country they’re in.

Users should see Tiles rolling out to Wear OS over the next month, but an exact release date for each country has yet to be unveiled.

David Lumb

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