Want to back up the world’s largest SSD? Use this 100TB cloud storage

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Polarbackup 100TB cloud storage (Personal) - $920/year

Polarbackup 100TB cloud storage (Personal) - $920/year
With this exclusive TechRadar deal, you can get a ridiculous 100TB (100,000GB) of cloud storage for just $920 per year. That's enough to back up the world's largest SSD.

Polarbackup 100TB cloud storage (Business) - $5,100/year

Polarbackup 100TB cloud storage (Business) - $5,100/year
(£4,080/roughly AU$7,200)
The Business plan is more expensive, but supports an unlimited number of users, as well as providing additional controls and reporting dashboards.

TechRadar has teamed up with Polarbackup to bring you a storage offer that is essentially unlimited. You can get a whopping 100TB of cloud storage to back up all your data for as little as $920 per year (£736/roughly AU$1,300).

100TB also happens to be the size of the world’s largest SSD, which we covered last week. If you've got enough data to fill up that impressive drive, you'll definitely need somewhere to back it up.

The business version costs $5,100/year (£4,080/roughly AU$7,200), but offers an unlimited number of users and servers, plus advanced control and reporting dashboards and the ability to back up external and network drives.

As the doctor orders, always back up your drives using the 321 rule; three backups on two on-site storage devices and one off-site (likely a cloud storage provider).

With Polarbackup, your data is never deleted and you can back up an unlimited number of external devices (from USB drives to CCTV systems) - and the service even supports file versioning.

Both Windows and macOS are supported and Polarbackup and uses zero knowledge, 256-bit encryption to keep your files safe. The service is also operated by a veteran storage providers, so you can be sure your data is secure in the long term.

100TB of cloud storage is equivalent to 800Tb or 800,000Gb. A 1Gbps broadband line would, in theory, take a little more than nine days to download 100TB of content. But that’s a best case scenario, based on the assumption you have uncontended and direct access to the provider, which is almost never the case.

Bear in mind, this is a cold storage service, which means you won’t be able to retrieve files instantaneously. You may have to wait up to 12 hours (but likely less) to access your files, which could pose issues for some.

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