Digital Theatre is bringing the best of the British West End to Australia

What we want to do is grow the numbers of platforms that DT is available on so that people are not restricted by where and how they can watch our productions. We are always looking to develop this and expect to see Digital Theatre being rolled out onto more platforms soon.

Digital Theatre

When and why was the decision made to bring it to Australia?

TS: We have made our content available in Australia since Digital Theatre's inception in 2009, and it's a move that has proved extremely popular. Australia makes up our top 5 global consumers (along with the UK, US, Canada and Germany), no doubt because Australian audience are very culture-savvy, with a world-renowned reputation for producing excellent live work, from its festivals to celebrated companies like the MTC and the STC, Belvoir Street, Benedict Andrews and so many more.

Naturally we are delighted that we can now also show our productions on cinema screens in Australia too, and the upcoming film of Merrily We Roll Along is the first film of that program.

Will the program in Australia be limited to screenings in cinemas, or will Digital Theatre open up to Aussies through the website for digital downloads (in AUD)?

TS: People can already purchase current productions online in GBP, which the credit / debit card will convert into AUD. We have designed the website to try and be as easy a process as possible to find and then buy great theatre productions online. The cinema releases of some of our more recent productions (with Private Lives coming in early 2014) is us offering a new extension to our already existing platform.

If so, what kind of price ranges are we looking at?

TS: Our prices range from £3.99 ($6.74 AUD) for a 48-hour rental, to £10.99 ($18.55 AUD) to purchase a production in HD. Those you purchase can be kept in your library and played as many times as you like.

What is the average data size of one performance?

TS: Our data sizes range between 2GB for an SD production, and 4GB for an HD production.

Will it be limited to iOS apps and Samsung TVs, or is there Android and apps on other platforms soon to be available?

TS: We're always looking to make our productions available on different platforms, and plans to continue this development are underway for the coming months.

Are the files streamed, or downloaded so that you can watch it later?

TS: Both. Once you have purchased a production, you can choose how you wish to watch it. Productions can be streamed online straightaway, or downloaded to desktop to watch later.

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