Star Wars Saga Blu-ray gets second trailer

Star Wars - Blu-ray out soon
Star Wars - Blu-ray out soon

Most movie fans will have already pre-ordered their copy of the forthcoming Star Wars Saga box set, but anyone still undecided can get yet another taster of what the Blu-rays have to offer thanks to 20th Century Fox.

The movie studio has revealed a new trailer which follows the previously released deleted scenes teaser.

This time around the focus is more on the bonus features, offering glimpses of special FX breakdowns, archive documentary footage and green-screen comparisons.

Hi-def peek

The HD trailer also gives some indication of how the newly-remastered films should look when they hit Blu-ray.

Although still 720p rather than 1080p, it's obvious that the sci-flicks will dazzle in hi-def – and be a significant improvement on the non-remastered 1080i versions shown on ITVHD.

Meanwhile, the rare documentary footage and deleted scenes exhibit all the scratches and dirt you can expect from archive material – so it looks as if George Lucas has for once resisted the temptation to polish up his pictures with CGI.

The Star Wars Saga Blu-ray UK release date is September 12 and it will be available for around £70.

There will also be an Episodes IV-VI box set for £34 – this is the set you will get a voucher for if you purchase selected Panasonic Blu-ray machines – and the Prequel Trilogy will also be sold separately.

Check out the trailer below. For us, 12 September can't come soon enough.

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