Asian streaming service iFlix now supports offline viewing

Asian streaming service iFlix now supports offline viewing

Often referred to as Asia’s answer to Netflix (until that particular service arrives in the region early next year), iFlix has become a respected player in the SVOD scene since its launch in June this year.

Though it may not have Netflix’s reach or subscriber numbers, iFlix has one-upped its rival in one very important area with the addition of offline viewing to its list of features.

An update to the iFlix Android app has given subscribers the ability to download many of the service’s TV shows and movies to supported Android devices, allowing you to enjoy the service’s content while away from a Wi-Fi connection without incurring nightmarish mobile data costs.

The feature was recently added to the American streaming service, Amazon Prime.

Catch you on the download

With the update, iFlix users can simply hit a download icon on individual episodes and movies, allowing them to download their content in low, medium and high quality with file sizes for each clearly labelled.

Each downloaded episode and movie carries a 7 day expiry period, and can be found in a new My Downloads section of the app.

The feature is still in its preview stage, so not everything is eligible for offline viewing just yet, but expect to see this feature rollout to more titles over the coming weeks.

iFlix expansion

iFlix, which is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Patrick Grove, is one of the fastest growing streaming services in the world, having already launched in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, with further plans to expand to Indonesia and Vietnam in the near future.

Though he finished college in Sydney, Grove has no plans of launching iFlix in Australia, telling that he’d rather focus on “emerging markets” like Southeast Asia, which has 250 million smart device-owning potential users.

Though Netflix has set its sights for the Asian market in 2016, it is currently eyeing South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong And Taiwan.

Grove hopes to reach 50 million iFlix subscribers over the next ten years.

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