Venom 2 may get a Spider-Man crossover sequel – so will its credits scene deliver?

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Venom 2 star Tom Hardy has implied that a Venom and Spider-Man crossover could happen – if fans want it.

Speaking during the Venom: Let There Be Carnage press tour, Hardy teased the prospect of Venom crossing paths with the webslinger in the future.

Asked by Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada about which characters he'd like to see in a potential third Venom movie, Hardy suggested that the arrival of the MCU's multiverse, and Sony's in-house Spider-Verse, provide numerous possibilities as to who could show up.

"There’s a Venom-Verse, you know, there’s a Spider-Verse, there’s multiverses, there’s all kinds of canon and lore and mythology to explore both laterally and forward in time," Hardy replied. 

"I think with the right people and the right planning, and feedback from the audience, and understanding it’s about making the right choices at the right time... Even with foresight of understanding where things may go already or they wish to go, it’s a combination of all those in the alchemy of what it will be."

Analysis: will Venom and Spider-Man finally meet in a live-action movie?

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Potential spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage follow. You have been warned.

Hardy's careful choice of words means that Spider-Man isn't mentioned by name, but it's difficult to read (or listen to) his answer and not think that he's teasing a Venom and Spider-Man crossover movie.

His comments on the number of multiverses are of most interest. Again, Hardy is very selective in what he says, particularly when it comes to naming specific cinematic universes. He mentions the Venom-Verse and Spider-Verse – both of which are owned by Sony Pictures – but not the MCU. 

And it's important. Why? Because if he mentioned the MCU by name, Marvel fans would put two and two together and claim that a Venom and Spider-Man crossover is definitely happening. We've already seen how rumors or speculation can cause hysteria to sweep through the MCU fanbase. So Hardy has done a good job here of managing expectations by refusing to discuss the MCU specifically.

That said, we can't help but feel that a Spider-Man vs Venom film is on the way at some point. Previously, we've speculated on such a crossover happening, and the arrival of the multiverse in the MCU has only added further fuel to the fire regarding this possibility.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, the webslinger's third MCU movie, will see villains cross over into the MCU from other Spider-Man cinematic universes. When the film arrives in December, a precedent will be set that means a Venom and Spider-Man movie could become a possibility.

Certain sections of the internet have seemingly been buoyed at this potential prospect due to a new rumor, too. 

We're about to dive into potential spoilers for Venom 2's post-credits scene. If you would prefer to go into the film with no knowledge of what it might entail, don't read past the below image. You have been warned.

A screenshot of supervillain Carnage in the upcoming Sony movie Venom: Let There Be Canage

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According to some leakers, Venom: Let There Be Carnage has a post-credits scene that suggests this might become a reality. We won't link to the spoiler, or discuss what the film's end credits scene may be about. It's out there if you want to go and find it, but we won't be posting anything else here.

Of course, this leak or speculation should be taken with a big pinch of salt for now. Venom 2 isn't out until October 1 in the US, or October 15 in the UK, so only a few individuals (journalists and influencers) have seen it thus far. So don't believe everything you see or hear on the internet, and just wait until you catch the movie yourself to determine if the leak ends up being true.

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