Valorant is apparently getting India servers along with the Middle East

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It seems like the Indian players of Valorant will not be disappointed with the Act III update of the game after all. When Riot Games initially announced that only the Middle-East servers will be going live with the new update Indian players were crestfallen.

Indians were excited since pro players recently reported that the dedicated servers they created saw very low ping which is a clear indication on Indian servers being tested out. But that was undermined by the patch notes but now it seems like that news has been updated and India will be getting its servers with this update.

Valorant: Fate of India servers?

The question of whether we will be getting Indian servers this time around was technically answered on the official Valorant sub-Reddit (opens in new tab). A user by the name of One_Acanthisitta_886 posed the question, “Higher ping to Bahrain servers than EUW”. And on that thread another user asked if Indian servers are going live with the Middle-East ones, as they were announced to be part of it.

To that a Riot Games moderator ‘ZealousApathy’ replied saying, “They'll be online at the same time as Bahrain, but India will stay in the Asia Pacific shard.” Which effectively means that the servers are going live but players will have to select the Asia Pacific shard to avail it.

This is potentially big news for Indian Valorant players who felt let down by the recent patch notes. But it really is surprising that Riot Games would not add the fact that they are introducing the Indian servers to the game on the patch notes of the game. This raises the question of the limitations that these new servers would have and if they will be available on all game modes.

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