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DTX: AMD's vision for living room PCs

AMD wants the DTX standard to be widely adopted

Remember that we talked before about DTX? AMD's new form factor for small PCs? Thought not. We'd also wiped it from our memory banks. Yet this morning we discovered a post over at Hot Hardware running the rule over a DTX prototype.

The idea is that AMD wants to standardise manufacturing of SFF (Small Form Factor) PCs in much the same way as practically every manufacturer has adhered to the ATX standard for desktop PCs (for as long as we can remember).

Isn't this another BTX?

AMD does have a point. Most SFF designs are proprietary with only the PC's components designed to be interchanged.

DTX would ensure a standard component design across different manufacturer's products, making systems easier to upgrade. And AMD not only wants to pimp its processors for the format, it also wants to make DTX an open standard. Just like Intel wanted to do with the oft-forgotten BTX. Ah, those weren't the days eh?

The prototype system with Hot Hardware is powered by a low-power AMD Athlon X2 BE-2350 processor teamed with a DTX AMD mobo based on the 690G series chipset - that's the one with Radeon X1250 graphics on board.