UK's slowest broadband speeds revealed - London included in worst areas

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Getting the fastest broadband internet connection is more important than ever as so much of our digital lives now flow through the connection we subscribe to. But new research from consumer charity Which? has revealed that there remain shackles on what we take for granted as a liberated digital lifestyle.

According to Which?, rural areas still suffer the most from slower internet connections but urban areas can also be struck. Some of the worst affected areas include the Lake District, parts of Scotland and Wales as well as, conspicuously, Westminster and Tower Hamlets in London.

Which? found average broadband speeds measured at between 10Mb and 12Mb. The fastest towns were found to have an average speed of 32.5Mb. 

The surprising finding is that even cities suffer from poor connections where certain local authorities fail to offer everyone the potential connection speeds that they could otherwise have access to.

As such, other areas lagging behind include Canterbury, Stroud, and North East Derbyshire. Further afield Argyll and Bute, Moray and Ceredigion averaged just 7Mb with Orkney a terrible 3Mb.

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