Tweets can now be shared as Snap, another bigger integration on way

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Twitter has launched a new feature to allow users to share tweets directly on Snapchat, in a bid for cross-media engagement to get more users.

To start off, this feature is being extended to only iOS users.

But more interestingly, Twitter also said it will soon launch a small test of a similar feature to let iOS users share tweets in Instagram Stories.

The functionality to share tweets from Twitter’s app to Snapchat is available starting today on iOS, with the two companies set to add the feature for Android soon.

Users can share tweets visually in Snaps and Stories, while still accessing the Camera and other creative tools of Snapchat.

How to share Tweets in Snapchat

Twitter-Snapchat integration

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This is seen as a significant integration as social platforms don't gel well together, preferring instead to keep users within their own apps.

To share Tweets as stickers in Snapchat Stories, Twitter said

* On iOS, tap the share icon on a Tweet

* Select the Snapchat icon at the bottom of the share menu to create the sticker

* Once shared, the Snap will link back to the Tweet on Twitter where you can see the whole conversation.

The idea may be here is to drive traffic back to Twitter. 

“Today’s update makes it easier and faster to share tweets to Snapchat and connects more people to the conversations happening on Twitter,” a Snap rep was quoted as saying.

Tweets shared on Snapchat will disappear the same time as the Snap (24 hours if posted in a Story).

Integration with Instagram

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Twitter also announced a bigger integration that is in the works. 

"For some of you on iOS, we’ll be testing sharing a Tweet as a sticker to Instagram too! Tap the Instagram icon in the Tweet share menu to add the Tweet as a sticker in a Story," it said in a Tweet.

Instagram once had Twitter integration, but it disabled preview support back in 2012. Since then sharing of content between the two apps was a bit tough. Now, they seem to be addressing the issue.

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