Toshiba announces additions to its Regza range

Toshiba has re-invigorated its Regza range of TVs with the announcement of the launch of the new RV series at this year's IFA show in Berlin.

While the popularity of the Regza range has always been attributed to affordability rather than high-end appeal, Toshiba is looking to change this with the RV series, by equipping the TVs with 100Hz processing power.

Three new models have been launched at 37-, 42-, and 46-inch sizes and all are Full HD (1920 x 1080 24fps) and are equipped with Active Vision M100HD picture processing, which is said to double the refresh rate of the images, making for a smoother watch.

Contrast ratios for each set vary between 18,000:1 and 30,000:1, while Dolby has been dropped in the audio stakes in favour of Nicam and SRS WOW technology.

All three TVs come kitted out with three HDMI slots, component video and Scart connections and you can also link up through Regza-link – so only one remote is needed for numerous devices.

XV series refresh

Toshiba has also unveiled an update to its existing XV series, offering two more sizes to the range. The sizes are 46- and 52-inch and both models boast 1080p Full HD imaging power.

Dynamic contrast is 30,000:1 so you are guaranteed blacks that are actually black, while there's also Luma Sens technology embedded that automatically changes the contrast of the TV to suit lighting conditions.

When it comes to audio, both Dolby and Nicam have been dropped, leaving just SRS WOW to fend for itself.

Although no prices have been announced, all the aforementioned TVs will be hitting the shops in October.

Marc Chacksfield

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