Xbox Series S speculation continues to grow as new white controller appears

Xbox Series X controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A picture of what appears to be a white Xbox Series X controller has appeared online, before being swiftly deleted. But it might actually belong to the Xbox Series S.

The image, which you can see below, was posted on Reddit by a user called “Wolfy_Wizzardo” but has since been deleted, along with the user’s account. The Reddit user claims the photo was snapped at a party in Seattle, Washington, and was hosted by a child of a Microsoft employee. Microsoft’s corporate headquarters are located in Redmond, a suburb of Seattle. 

The photo shows the familiar robot white color scheme found on the Xbox One S console and controller. It’s unmistakably Microsoft’s next-gen pad, too, as it features the new directional pad and share button in the center.

Xbox Series S controller

(Image credit: Reddit)

So is Microsoft making a white Xbox Series X? Probably not. Instead, it’s more likely that this controller belongs to the heavily rumored cheaper Xbox Series S model, codenamed Project Lockhart.

Another Xbox alternative

Microsoft is apparently set to announce a digital-only alternative to its powerful next-gen console in August. The console will reportedly target a resolution of 1440p and 60fps, instead of the taxing 4K/60 goal of the Xbox Series X, and will be positioned as an entry-level device.

We still don't know if the Xbox Series S console is indeed real, but various rumors and speculation point to its existence. This photo will only add to that, and will hopefully push Microsoft to make an official announcement soon. 

Via The Verge

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