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It's been a while since we were talking about Xbox One X deals, but this price cut has taken us by surprise. With the console out of stock in the UK since March, we had all but given up on the 4K powerhouse. That has driven the price of the console way up, with fewer and fewer retailers offering stock at all, let alone discounts. 

That all changes this week, however, with Very emerging from the ashes of Xbox One X deals to deliver an actual price cut. It's a surprise to find this console available for RRP right now, in the world of price surges and demand increases, let alone for £100 off. You'll find the white edition of the Xbox One X available for £349.99 down from £449, a price that wouldn't have been particularly remarkable this time last year but is proving exceedingly popular right now. However, if you're willing to go down the refurbished route you can also pick up a factory renewed console for just £179.99.

So, is it worth picking up an Xbox One X deal when the Series X is just around the corner? If you don't want to spend £500 (we're still waiting on the Xbox Series X price though) on a new console but still want to enjoy the latest releases, it definitely is. Plus Microsoft is promoting a unified subscription model moving forward, with increasing support for previous generation consoles and games on both sides. 

You'll find this Xbox One X deal just below, but we're also rounding up more bundles further down the page if you're shopping outside of the UK. Plus, we're looking to this year's Black Friday deals for more savings further down the line as well.

Today's best Xbox One X deals

Xbox One X factory refurbished: £359.99 £179.99 at Amazon

Xbox One X factory refurbished: £359.99 £179.99 at Amazon
Professionally checked and tested by qualified expert, this Xbox One X deal shouldn't be missed. With an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can access over 200 games and play upcoming games such as Halo Infinite when it launches in 2021.

Xbox One X - white: £449.99 £349.99 at Very

Xbox One X - white: £449.99 £349.99 at Very
If you're just looking for an Xbox One X by itself (and we wouldn't blame you with the way bundle prices are heading), Very is your best bet this week. With prices rising and stock thinning out on the 4K console, it makes far more sense to pick up this cheap offer and grab a few games separately.

Is this the last of the Xbox One X deals?

We have to say we would be surprised if Microsoft cut ties with the Xbox One X as soon as the Series X came to be. Traditionally you'll see at least a couple of years of production running after a new console is launched. However, 2020 is anything but a traditional year. With Xbox One X deals being out of stock at Microsoft since March in both the US and UK, things aren't looking good for a refresh any time soon. 

This latest Xbox One X deal could well be one of the last we see, but with 2020's manufacture and distribution schedules being as they are there's no telling what the future will be for the current generation. 

More Xbox One X deals

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