This might be a new variant of the rumoured Galaxy S9 Mini

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A new model code named SM-G8850, got certified by TENNA. It’s assumed that this model is another variant of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini for China. Prior to this, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini smartphone with the model number SM-G8750 (opens in new tab) had been making the rounds. A Benchmark listing showed it having a Snapdragon 660 chipset, 4GB RAM and running on Android 8.0 Oreo.

Similar to the S9, it has a 5.8-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen. However, it deviates from the S9 with its fingerprint sensor and rear camera. The Samsung Galaxy S9 (opens in new tab) and S9 Plus (opens in new tab) have the dual camera placed on the center of the back panel with the fingerprint sensor right below while the mini has the dual camera sensors shifted to the left and the fingerprint scanner placed higher in the same center alignment. The front camera also switches from the left of the notch, to the right. 

Considering that the chipset on the device has a clock of 2.8GHz, it could be running on the same Exynos 9 Series 9810 chipset as the Samsung Galaxy S9. Though there aren’t any details about the phone’s storage capacities, the Samsung Galaxy Mini will have a 3,000mAh battery with fast charging.

Now that the phone’s been certified, it’s not too much of stretch to assume that it will be launched soon. The question remains, that with the Samsung S9 and S9 Plus getting mixed reviews about their ‘dual aperture’ camera, will the Samsung S9 Mini really be worth it?

Prabhjote Gill is the Senior Journalist at Business Insider India. She covering everything space, tech and defence at Business Insider India. She is also in-charge of allocating stories to junior writers.