This map of the first Zelda game is the perfect use for a 3D printer

There’s no limit to what people will attempt to 3D print. Cars? Check. Drones? Check. A one-handed bottle opener? Check

Now someone has found one of the most perfect pieces of videogame history to 3D print. 

The object in question is a 3D recreation of the map from the original Legend of Zelda on the NES, and the creator looks like he’s absolutely nailed the retro game’s pixel-based art-style. 

To printing via Minecraft

The map itself was initially created in Minecraft over the course of six months. It’s not surprising it took this long, as the high resolution images below show some great little touches, like the graveyard you originally find the master sword in.

The model's size and detail meant the 3D printed process took a massive 24 hours, before another six hours were spent painting it.

It’s hard to argue the results weren’t worth it though. Check out Mike Matei’s tweets below for some high-resolution images.

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  • The original game is available on the NES Mini if seeing this map has made you want to revisit it. Check out our full NES Mini review.
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