This is the best 12-month PlayStation Plus deal we've seen in ages

12 month playstation plus subscription

We've tracked down the cheapest 12-month PlayStation Plus deal in the land today over at digital key specialists CDKeys.

Sony increased the prices on annual PlayStation Plus subscriptions last summer by a tenner to £49.99, but we can do better than that today. A lot better.

PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription | £35.99 at CDKeys
This is far and away the cheapest PlayStation Plus deal in the UK for a 12-month subscription with other retailers only knocking a few quid off the £49.99 RRP. CDKeys will send you a digital PSN code straight away, so you don't even have to wait for delivery. We've been using the site for years for PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold codes and game codes and we're not surprised to see it with the cheapest price as it has great form.
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Can I add this to my current PS Plus subscription?

You absolutely can. It doesn't matter if your current sub hasn't run out yet as you can simply stack this one on top of it to boost the number of months you have remaining - I've tested this myself and I had two-and-a-half years left at one point.

So if you spot a cheap 12-month PlayStation Plus sub at any time of the year, we'd jump on and add it to your sub straight away if the price suits you. And £35.99 down from £49.99 suits us just fine.