This stunning Windows 12 concept video shows us everything Windows 11 is missing

An artist concept design for a whole new Windows 12 interface
(Image credit: Addy Visuals/YouTube)

Plenty of rumors have been circulating about the possibility of an imminent Windows 12 release, but these mockups of various Windows 12 taskbars offer a little something for everyone.

A YouTube video published on the Addy Visuals channel, and reported on by Neowin, showcases several different Windows 12 taskbar designs that we could see for the rumored new OS. The video initially images a brand new dock-like taskbar split by sections for widgets, pins, and quick settings. 

And then, interestingly enough, the video purports that since users would want to have other choices, Windows 12 could let us switch between default, joined, classic, or compact views, making it a perfect OS to flow between the best Ultrabooks with tight form factors as well as the emerging line of gaming laptops packing roomy, 18-inch displays. It’s an excellent idea that would satisfy the needs of many users who need and want varying things out of their UI experience.

There have been tons of other leaks and rumors concerning Windows 12 before, including an inadvertent disclosure from Intel that all but confirms that Windows 12 is inbound. There’s also a secret feature in Windows 11 that could hint at what Windows 12 might include once it launches. And, thanks to XenoPanther, a well-known Windows leaker on Twitter, we could even be getting Windows 12 testing soon through Microsoft’s Canary channel.

A possible bright future for Windows 12 

Personally, I absolutely adore this taskbar concept. It’s genuinely the best rumor to surface in recent weeks, and the only one that leaves me excited about what Windows 12 can offer. The redesigned Start Menu, for instance, is a breath of fresh air in terms of simplicity and functionality, compared to the convoluted Windows 11 version. I am also loving the redesigned File Explorer, which features a handy Drop Zone that lets you temporarily store your files and folders.

The concept of the Dynamic Taskbar that condenses widgets into a single small section on the taskbar makes it feel way less cluttered. Even better is the ingenious option to enlarge those same widgets as a sub-menu and even pin them to the desktop by simply dragging and dropping. Finally, being able to group apps into a folder that can then be pinned on the taskbar feels like an option that we should have already gotten for Windows 11.

These sorts of imaginings are something of a double-edged sword, though. On one hand, they offer great possibilities for what the next OS can bring to the table in terms of increased usability. But on the other hand, Microsoft might never give us anything close to what we see here, which inevitably sets us up for disappointment once the new OS actually rolls around. 

It would be nice if the tech giant maybe listened to the people who use its UI every day for once, and give us an OS that’s functional, consistent, flexible, and stable. Even if it’s not what Addy Visuals is proposing, I would still love for Windows 12 to be an actual improvement over Windows 11 in every way.

Allisa James
Computing Staff Writer

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