The world’s first contactless payment ring is now ready to buy

You can now buy the world's first contactless payment ring so you can pay for your shopping directly from your finger.

Kerv will allow you to pay for public transport, your shopping or even unlock your front door - if you have a contactless lock - but all from the jewellery on your finger, rather than your phone, smartwatch or card.

Kerv is initially launching in the UK at £99.99 (about $120, AU$160) and you can now buy it directly from the manufacturer's website.

Wear your payments

Plans for the US and Australia are currently uncertain as Kerv wants to make sure the launch goes to plan in the UK first. If you've previously backed the project on Kickstarter, you'll also get your new payment ring sent to you soon.

The Kerv ring will supply a prepaid Mastercard to each person who buys it where you'll be able to put money on via Visa or Mastercard to spend on the Kerv. Kerv also hopes to support PayPal in the near future too.

Kerv won't need recharging and it also doesn't need to pair with your phone, so you can use this even when your phone battery has died.

At £99.99 this may sound like an affordable piece of tech, but that's quite a price jump on the expected price we heard at last year's Wearable Technology Show where the plan was it'd only cost £49.

But the Kerv payment ring offers you simplicity of use and means you won't need to take your phone or wallet out of your pocket while standing at the till or boarding a bus.

James Peckham

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